Deep Bliss Day Retreat with gongs, bowls, meditation and yoga

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Deep Bliss Day Retreat with gongs, bowls, meditation and yoga

This is an opportunity for deep bliss…. relaxation and self-acceptance….. going deep and rediscovering yourself as you are…. being inspired by your own inner nature…. and sharing in the experience of awesome sound, silence, movement and meditation with others.
The players/instructors for the day are Martyn Cawthorne, Jane Blackburn and Szilvia Bajada-Gardian (links below for further information).
The venue is the gorgeous Blissland, run very lovingly by the amazing Dawn and Lionel Cox. It’s such a beautiful venue, high up on the hills near Congleton. It has lovely features such as the magical gardens, the love pond, the amazing pods (gorgeous intimate spaces), and the barn, from whose windows you can see out across the hills as you relax into your yoga stretches).
The schedule of events is planned as follows:
10:00-10:30 Greeting and introductions – a little hello time 🙂
10:30-11:30 Guided meditation (by Jane) with deep, slow tones on the gongs (by Martyn), creating an environment of inner and outer acceptance, stillness and purity of intention for the day.
11:00-11:15 Short break
11:15-12:30 Himalayan singing bowls and gentle yoga (by Szilvia), creating clarity, space and opening the mind, body, emotions and spirit
12:30-13:15 Lunch (please can everyone bring a little vegetarian food to be shared with the group – no need to bring more than one person’s worth)
13:15-15:15 Super-long, super-deep gong bath immersion (by Martyn and Jane) – a fantastic opportunity to travel inward to great depths and experience profound openings, shifts, releases, joy and peace and the majestic sounds of these wonderful instruments
15:15-15:30 Short break
15:30-16:00 Walking mindfully in the garden (indoors if raining) with the beautiful, clarifying sounds of the crystal bowls (by Jane)
16:00-16:30 Guided gong/bowl playing opportunity – everyone will have the opportunity to take a mallet and (with guidance and instruction) use a simple technique to gently bring forth some wonderful sounds and vibrations from these gorgeous instruments.
16:30-17:00 Drinking tea and sharing – a relaxed and pleasant moment, coming together, offering up our experiences of the day.
17:00 Home time 🙂
Please note: we are asking that everyone bring a little vegetarian food (only enough to feed one person) so that, without being wasteful, we can share in and enjoy lots of different offerings.
Also, there is plenty of parking at Blissland. If coming by train, please communicate with us well in advance and we should be able to come and pick you up from the station:-)
Early bird price is £60. To reserve a place, please contact Martyn Cawthorne directly for payment details on 07850 955810 or

Martyn Cawthorne –
Jane Blackburn –
Szilvia Bajada-Gardian –
Blissland –, postcode is CW12 3NA

Directions to Blissland/Heather Bank Farm.
The full address is:
Heather Bank Farm. Congleton Edge, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 3NA.
Sat Navs don’t work well for the postcode so if you need to use one put in Congleton Train station first, then when you get there put in the postcode for the farm or you’ll end up in a muddy field.
Without a sat nav try this:
Heading out of Congleton towards Biddulph, past the train station and past the golf club on your left hand side.
Carry straight on through the crossroads with the church on your left and you should see a small white sign saying Mossley CP School.
Turn at this sign and then immediately left into Congleton Edge Road, carry on up the hill for a good half mile until you see a green bear.
Yes a green bear, this is the entrance to the farm, it’s a sharp left turn in, go straight past the house through the open gate into Blissland. Drive right through and there is a car park at the end.

Here are some photos of Blissland 🙂

green-bear lions-and-pods-3 love-pond magical-garden bear-of-hope car-park roar shivas-arena horses-and-pods view-from-car-park blissland-garden blissland-pods blissland-barn

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