About Me


me-and-murph-tall-cropMy name is Martyn Cawthorne and I’m a fully qualified and deeply committed gong practitioner/sound healer, having graduated from the College Of Sound Healing (the full one year training course).  I’m also founder of the Northern School of SoundSmiths where we have courses, workshops and retreats for gongs and related instruments.

I love to play for people and to be a channel for healing energy.  I have found that the work
with gongs is exceptionally well-received in terms of relaxation, revitalisation, blockage/toxin release and sheer pleasure.

I’m 46 years old and have been playing instruments for most of my life.  I’ve been meditating and attending retreats for over twenty years.  I’m driven by a passion for entering the creative flow and joining with others in the spaces thereby created.  My dearest loves are sound, silence and sharing.

I’m Manchester/Cheshire-based, with a beautiful gong room at home.  I live in Old Trafford (M16), where it meets Chorlton and Whalley Range and offer regular gong baths in various forms all over the Manchester and Cheshire area.  I’m also always willing to travel further where gongs are concerned.

I’m available for almost any kind of gong event you can think of and am always open to new ideas so feel free to contact me with a request or suggestion.

tel: 07850 955810

email: supergongspa@gmail.com






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