A Gong Bath can be all of the following:

At Fisherfield Childcare
  • de-stressing
At Chetham Library, Manchester
With Hendrick’s
Kellogs team Building Gong Spa with Martyn Cawthorne and Rebecca Wilson
Kellogs team Building Gong Spa with Martyn Cawthorne and Rebecca Wilson
Feedback from staff at McCann Manchester
Feedback from staff at McCann Manchester
  • rejuvenating
  • refreshing
  • relaxing
  • unique bonding experience
  • A hard-working workforce often requires all of the above in order that they can continue to enjoy their job and perform well (see testimonial below).

    Christie’s Auction House

    A Gong Bath can be easily set up and arranged in a meeting room such that any number of members of staff can come for a rejuvenating experience that will set them up for the rest of the day.  The name Gong Spa is chosen precisely because the experience can help wash you clean of all your build up of stress and tension and can leave you (or your group) feeling refreshed and ready for whatever comes next.

    Here’s a testimonial from Sabrina at Fisherfield Childcare:

    “At Fisherfield Childcare, we know happy staff make for happy children. Working in childcare can be very busy at times and so we wanted to offer our team a meaningful and accessible way to relax and re-charge. Martyn certainly delivered this for us! From the second we greeted Martyn we knew we were in good hands. His authentic, knowledgeable and nurturing manner warmed us up for the transformative experience of the gong bath. The immediate and powerful results following this were something we could never have anticipated. Staff reported feeling re-energised, happier and motivated to continue to take time each day to reflect and re-charge. Beyond the personal changes, we also found the experience to be effective in bringing the team closer together through its’ unique nature. There is an undeniable and significant impact on team bonds when you are all wrapped up in a blankets, lay down and ‘chilling out’ together to the healing vibrations of the gongs. Thank you Martyn, we look forward to continuing to work alongside you to enhance the well-being of our team.”

    Here’s a little description from Beth, Team Leader at Kellogs:

    “Forget about building boats to get across rivers or spending hours creating your team’s mission statement – a team gong bath is most certainly the way forward for any team away day! 

    Going from the hustle and bustle of busy corporate life, into the beautiful serenity that a gong bath brings is the perfect antidote to remove stress, remind you what’s important in life and to bond your team through a shared experience. 

    So very often in the corporate world we get stuck in patterns of always doing the same things in the same way and consequently always achieving the same results.  In contrast, doing new things and doing things differently allows us the freedom to look at life from a different perspective.  The gong bath was a new thing for all of my team and they certainly came back to work with new perspectives, looking at things differently and therefore achieving different and better results. 

    Martyn’s gorgeous nurturing way made the team feel comfortable immediately.  One of his key objectives in life is to look after people and look after us he certainly did!  I can’t recommend a gong bath for your team away day enough….  Taking time out to nurture your team and help them to look after themselves in ways they never usually would leads to an even happier, even more effective and even more successful team! 

    Thank you Martyn for our fabulous team away day.” 

    Here’s a few comments from the architects at BDP:

    “It was nice and relaxing.. I slept like a baby that night… I am looking forward to the next event…”

    “I was impressed by the range and diversity of sounds, as well as by their profound effect on my state of mind. I’ve tried mindfulness exercises before using apps, but this in-person event was a fabulous experience and would recommend it to everyone.”

    “It was an amazing experience for me. I didn’t expect it to be that musical, I had thought it would be mostly meditation with a repetitive gong background (I attended some meditation classes where they used bells). It exceeded my expectations. I felt like being washed with sound waves and I felt all the vibrations through my body. I already recommended it to many friends.”

    “I found it quite surreal and very enjoyable. I practice meditation and thought it would be similar. However, I found that my thoughts and breath would change with the different gong sounds. At one point it felt like I had just walked up 20 flights of stairs. Would definitely recommend to others to give a gong bath a go!”

    “I felt more relaxed and overall it was a great experience.  I feel like I could do this every day. Especially after a long day in the office.”

    “I was really relaxed and surprised about the event, because it was completely different from my expectations…it was a real concert! The most benefit, in my opinion, was during the event: I totally embraced the gong vibration, abandoning every thought! It is an experience that I would definitely recommend!”

    “I found the introduction of the session useful to make me feel present, and I found the eye pillow allowed me to venture deeper into the experience! At first I was very intrigued to see what Martyn was doing to play such incredible sounds and at points, I felt different areas of my body going numb (particularly my arms and hands)! I experienced moments where I had very short breaths, due to the emotion felt during listening to the musical performance. I would recommend this to anyone; it is not what you’d expect!!!”

    Contact Martyn on 07850 955810 or for all enquiries.

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