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When students are under a lot of pressure, a Gong Bath can be very effective at returning them to clarity and calm.  The sounds and vibrations work through all the stress and tension in their bodies, emotions and minds.  In this way, students find themselves feeling relaxed and more able to access their intelligence, resourcefulness and inquisitiveness, while feeling centred, stable and grounded.  This can be very beneficial with exams coming up.

Music Departments

If you run a music course at a school or college, the introduction of gongs and gong baths to your students can be quite a profound and very specialist insight into the power of sound to affect our state of being, not least because of their ability to change the brainwave patterns of those who are listening from beta (normal thinking) through to alpha (day-dreaming), theta (mediation) and delta (deep sleep).  Gongs are used the world around (such as orchestras, bands and the Gamelan music of Indonesia).  The gongs I have are of the highest quality and are great examples of this very unique instrument. I would be delighted to come and give your students (they do not have to be music students) an opportunity to enjoy a gong bath, and to then answer their questions about gongs, their history, their popular current use in the therapeutic field, their manufacture. There is also the possibility of allowing the students the opportunity to try playing the gongs (we can discuss this when you make contact).

Primary Schools

Gongs can be really enjoyable for everyone, and children/young people often have a natural affinity with their appearance and sound.  A gong bath in a primary school environment can also have a very calming effect on the children who frequently find the sounds of the gongs fascinating and absorbing.  They like to ask questions, to point out which one they think looks the most amazing, which one sounds the most amazing…. they like to watch them being played….  to play along using different instruments…..  to act out the sounds as they grow louder and softer.  And after all that, they like to lay down and have a couple of minutes of just listening.  Before the end of the session, they enjoy being under the shaking bamboo leaves to freshen them up, and they finish up by striking one of the gongs themselves.  It makes a lovely to difference to their day, can sometimes quieten even the most lively children, and broadens both their depths of experience and their horizons.  The improved self-awareness that frequently comes with the experience of the gong can enhance students’ ability to engage with learning, understanding and playing.

Small groups (up to 15 children at a time) enjoy a 30 minute session so it works well to have a few sessions, one after the other, with different children in each group.

If you’re interested in having a Gong Spa at your university, school or college, please contact me to discuss further.

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