Here are a few recent quotes from participants at my Gong Spa and at Group Gong Baths that I have put on at venues in and around Manchester:

“Martyn, just to let you know I had a wonderful sleep after last night’s gong bath. Woke up refreshed and full of energy. Thanks you. :-)”

“Yesterday I had a mind-blowing gong bath at the Gong Spa in Trafford, Greater Manchester, together with a fellow Creative Entrepreneur.  After just an hour’s session, we both left floating on air, ready to take on our individual work challenges with renewed calm, confidence and enthusiasm.  New work ideas were instantly flowing, as though we had done a few months worth of creative thinking in the space of 60 minutes.  The sound which comes out of the gong induces a powerful state of meditation (even for those of us with wandering minds!) and the vibration can be felt right throughout your body which was both deeply relaxing and energising all at the same time.  It’s a great alternative for anyone who struggles with other forms of therapy as it gets through to your subconscious mind so there’s really no resistance to overcome on the level of thought.” (R, Manchester)

“Thank-you Martyn for taking us to places we’ve never been before! 🙏🏼 it was so wonderful to meet you and your gongs 😊” (V, Leicestershire)

“I really enjoyed it thank you Martyn. Really enhanced my meditation. I felt as though the vibrations was gently rocking my energy. Loved it.” (D, Manchester)

“…had a zen treat today!  Wow what a profound experience!! I loved it…. so powerful!! Practically dribbling after that experience lol ❤️💪🏽🙈😇” (C, Hale)

“There was a lot in the gong bath that worked for me and it feels like a really natural move at this point – it feels just perfectly the right thing, right now, if that makes sense. I found it really nourishing, comforting, and heart opening, but really psychologically spacious too, which is something I am trying to create more of in my life, which is involving a lot of learning 😉 With the gongs it felt really effortless – like genuine flow. I just did the meditation course with James and this immersive kind of experience feels like a perfect compliment to my home practice, and a very natural means of expression. And flippin gorgeous!! It’s still making me smile now!  Also, if it helps anyone to know this, I have Fibromyalgia, auto – immune disease, depression and anxiety” (A, Chorlton)

“Good morning Martyn. I just wanted to let you know how incredible I feel after last night’s gong bath, my first ever! What a wonderfully relaxing experience, I felt like a playful child afterwards. I think it ignited a mischievous spark inside me. I am so pleased I made it. Thank you. xx”  (N, Chorlton)

“Monday night was a Gong Spa. 30 people all lying down snugged up in sleeping bags and pillows. Crackling fire and flickering candles. For forty five minutes we were treated to the incredible sounds and vibrational qualities of these beautiful instruments. Very hard to explain how I felt… But It was like flying amongst the stars. Would recommend this to anyone that wants to take a little time out from our fast paced life. 🙏 xx” (G. Alderley Edge)
“Went to bed at nine and slept till six …. That is amazing indeed (for me anyway) thank you so much x” (N, Manchester)
“Hey Martyn! Thank you so much for the Gong bath on the 23rd Feb at the Wonder Inn retreat, I have no words to describe how amazing it was :-)” I, Manchester

“During the gong bath, I’m aware that I’m being gonged, but I can’t remember who I am and what my life is” M, Chorlton.

“It was ace, my headache is gone and my body feels so light 😊  – I’ve been trying to get rid of headaches recently with tea and some more yoga practice but nothing ever worked that quickly – thank you, namaste” T, Chorlton.

“It was simply breathtaking. To me it felt like the soundtrack to flying through a storm.  Having been under a lot of stress recently, the timing of attending was perfect and I left feeling greatly uplifted and energised.” R, Chorlton.

“Loved Sunday’s gong bath. Not long into the hour the sound became so rich and immersive that it totally pushed all other brain noise out of my head and left me floaty and euphoric. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks Martyn.” V, Manchester.

“Last night I experienced Group Gong Bath Detox for the very first time. It was incredible, truly awakening and a very personal experience. The sound of the gongs gave me full body vibrations and took my mind on a journey. Not sure where I went but I drifted somewhere. I couldn’t believe when the hour was up, it went so fast. The host was The Wonder Inn in the city centre. They created the perfect space, also great to support such venues. Highly recommended & great way to leave the past in the past and prepare yourself for the week ahead. Already looking forward to the next one.” H, Manchester.

“I suffer from an acute fear of flying, and become overwhelmed with anxiety when I travel on a plane.  I coincidentally discovered, and took part in one of Martyn’s gong bath taster sessions when I was due to fly on holiday the same day. The experience was a powerful wave of calm and mental order that remained with me for hours after and actually allowed me to get on the plane and complete the journey in a calm and controlled state, something which came as a highly positive surprise to both me and my companion.  I now visit Martin for a gong spa on a monthly basis and find the unique experience provides VIP access to a state I now understand to be similar to meditation, which I also have begun to practice; as a busy IT Project Manager I find great benefit from Martyn’s gong spa experience because it helps me approach concerns, contemplation and tasks in a more resolute and marshalled fashion.” S, Manchester.

“I feel really relaxed and ‘distant’. It really gives me a break from my regimented work life. I can’t wait for my next one!” M, Trafford.

“A lovely gong bath, lots of visuals, lots of releases and such a range of interesting sounds from the gong!” R, Salford.

“I felt a near constant activity around my heart. Meanwhile I frequntly found that I seemed to be moving deep into the floor” H, Trafford.

“The gong was like a guardian or protector as I revisited scenes from my childhood. It was completely therapeutic, and without using words or ideas which gave it an unarguable lightness.  When’s the next session?” O, Trafford

“My sleep has improved significantly since the gong bath” P, Trafford

“I can still feel the power of the gong (from yesterday). It felt like a very deep massage or strong exercise when entire body is nicely tired.  I slept like a baby :-)” M, Chorlton

“The weirdest and most mental experience I’ve had for ages.  Totally surprising.  Couldn’t believe the richness and range of frequencies.” R, Timperley

“It was a really nice, peaceful journey”. P, Manchester

“Bananas.  There was no sense of time, and the sounds seemed to come from all around the room”. I, Chorlton

“The gong sounded as if you were playing more than one instrument.  The sounds were really unusual”. J, Trafford.

“In some moments it was like being completely alone inside an ice palace – that would normally freak me out, but it didn’t.  I could have stayed there for ages”. P, Edinburgh

“The vibrations were going through my hands and feet so intensely.  In my mind were intense colours, yellows, oranges, and then huge, expanding clarity”. M, Chorlton

“I could see loads of celestial events throughout.  It was amazing”. D, Ashton.

“Can I pass your number to my friends?  I think they’d really like it”. C, Chorlton

“I felt the sound and vibrations going through my body and then sticking at my head like there was a blockage, and then suddenly the sound came out through the top of my head and I was completely opened up.  Thank you so much”. M, Chorlton

“As soon as you started playing my heart was affected and I really felt its beating.  Throughout the Spa I faced a lot of personal issues and felt a lot better afterwards, but I want to come back and continue and see if we can go further”. M, Chorlton

“The sound was like fire, like space, like the creation of the universe”. N, Chorlton

“Since my husband attended the gong spa a week ago, he’s been so relaxed around the house!”. B, Manchester.

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