Gongs are fantastic at festivals and we’ve played over the years at the likes of Bestival, Camp Bestival, Blue Dot, Kendal Calling, Belladrum Tartan Hearts, Moovin’, Lakefest, The Good life, Satcitananda, Carfest, Conscious Camp, Envirolution, All Roots and more.

What could be more fitting at a festival than a sound and vibration based experience that helps you to unwind, forget your worries and enjoy living in the moment?

We can come to your festival, set up a tent and offer Gong Baths throughout the day and evening, helping to keep people feeling peaceful and happy. Whether you’d like us to offer one to one gong baths, or group gong baths, we can meet your needs.  If required, we can bring our own bell tent as seen in the photos 🙂

To make arrangements, please contact me as follows:

tel: 07850 955810

email: supergongspa@gmail.com



_panorama inside and outside tent

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