Gongs In The Mines At Alderley Edge

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Hi folks. Big thanks to everyone who came to the mines at Alderley Edge on Sunday for either the first or the second group of gong baths. It was great to see you all (well, to be dazzled by your headlights!) and to play for you! Also, big thanks to Bill, Tina and all the volunteers who made things run so smoothly (by doing a lot of lifting and problem-solving!). And thanks to Sadie and everyone at The Yard for all the support and the tea and everything you do 🙂
It was such a great fun event… I just love playing in those mines 🙂
I hope you were all comfy enough on the mats and that you brought enough sleeping bag type nesting to keep yourselves snuggly buggy 🙂 We’ll be running more of the same at some point soon so keep your eyes peeled for that 🙂
In the mean time here are a couple of photos I took and lots taken by Andrew Twambley (thanks Andrew).
If you have any photos, I’d love it if you sent them to me on FB or to supergongspa@gmail.com.
Oh and I should add…. if you’d like a professionally recorded album on CD of me playing the gongs in the mines at Alderley Edge, please contact me. We made an album in there early in 2016 and it sounds wonderful, especially on headphones while meditating, or when slipping off to sleep 🙂
Thanks. xx

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