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Gonging, and being gonged, reminds us to just ‘be’.  We often put such energy into ‘becoming’, which is a curious, chase-your-own-tale kind of folly if you ask me.

A very lovely friend of mine said to me the other day that she would like to become more simple……. that is, less complicated.  We decided to dedicate the gong session I was about to give her to ‘just being’ which is even more simple than becoming simple! 🙂

After all, isn’t there already quite enough to absorb in this moment?  The sun, the clouds, the sounds, the dirt, the flowers, the noisy cars, the breathing, the body, the breeze, the pots that we’re washing right now….. and all of that is changing every single moment! Isn’t it enough to just watch all of that happening, changing, and to watch ourselves in response to it? To see who we are in the face of exhaust fumes, snowdrops, crying babies and someone giving us a cuddle?

And in honestly seeing who we are in this way, do we need to try to become something else? Doesn’t our honesty with ourselves do what needs to be done without us needing to impose some further idea of who we should become on top of it?

ehh, who knows?? …. It was a beautiful moment, and the way I see it, if there’s beauty in it, it’s all good 🙂

Anyway, she suggested that I should put something about just being on my gong website…. so that’s what this was….. something about being, in blog form 🙂

Have a lovely day and kiss an alpaca if you see one ;-x



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