Gong Bath at iYoga in Heaton Mersey

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On Monday I took the Gong Spa experience out to iYoga in Heaton Mersey. The group was lovely…. a very friendly gathering of just less than 20 people, most of whom had never had a gong bath before.

Everyone came with an open mind and a sense of curiosity which made for such a great group atmosphere.  We all felt safe and comfortable together, and felt good about our parts in the proceedings, theirs being to lay down, close their eyes and let go.

As they came in, they found a mat, blanket and pillow to snuggle into.  Those who felt bold took a front row position, as close to the gongs as possible for the deepest immersion into the sound, while others settled in a few feet further back.

Everyone arrived in time, which was great because the buzzer at the door is noisy 🙂

We had a nice little talk (and a few laughs) about what to expect, what to do (not much on that list!) and then we relaxed into things with a few deep breaths and closed eyes.

At that point the gongs took over.  They filled the room with their amazing sounds…. sounds which somehow reach inside us to depths we’d forgotten we had…. sounds which seem to call us to open up and let go of whatever we cling to….. sounds which take us on an infinite variety of inner personal journeys.  For my part, I was (as always) awed by the sounds. I used the resulting inspiration, combined with sensitivity of touch, a kind of audio-intuition, and the skills I’ve learnt as a musician to facilitate the many voices of the gongs in coming forth and speaking to everyone.  It’s not so much that I tell the gongs what to say, but rather I listen to them and help them say whatever they might be saying that day.

Some of the other instruments used were really enjoyed too (judging by the smiles and/or snores of those participating), especially the bamboo leaves that have a lovely refreshing feel about them.

Once the sound bath was over we took a moment to reflect on our experiences and I talked for minute about the reasons I’ve given certain names to each of the gongs….for example, one is called Serafina, after the witch from Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights Trilogy.

Finally we talked about having another gong bath soon (the next one at iYoga has now been set for 8th Feb 1:30-2:30pm), one or two people bought a copy of my CD which can also be bought here https://gongspa.bandcamp.com/releases, and we talked about my school for gong players which can be seen here http://northernschoolofsoundsmiths.co.uk/gong-soundsmith-practitioner-level-6-months/

So, my thanks go out to everyone who attended and made it a lovely session (not least my partner, Jaz, who came along and helped out).

If anyone would like to know more about what I do and where I do it, feel free to look here www.gongspa.co.ukiyoga 18.1.16

Thanks x

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