Jamming with volcanic activity… how cool?

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Had the pleasure of playing gongs as part of a Seismic Sound Bath at Christies Auction House in London last week (as part of their ‘Lates’ events).  Click here for the official photos from the event.

I was playing gongs alongside Nicholas Hadfield who was playing the sounds of volcanic activity from all around the world through what was effectively a volcano of speakers (a huge tower), some of which were rumbling the room with infrasound frequencies (below the typical hearing range of humans)!

It was a brilliant day.  We did five of the sound baths as people came through, one group after the next.  They were guided in by a man in a hooded cape, then circled around an installation of a mini volcano, bubbing with orange lava, while imprinting volcaninc ash on each others foreheads and having a little introductory brain buzz from a weighted tuning fork.  This was followed by the seismic sound bath which was so much fun…. I’ve never jammed with volcanos before but I hope to again.  Gongs and seismic stuff go soooo well together! Love it!!  Thanks very much to Nicholas Hadfield, TPI Speakers, Bompas and Parr and Christies Lates.

Yay 🙂

Seismic Sound Bath poster


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