Lovely group at the Wonder Inn

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Had a fantastic group Gong Bath Detox at The Wonder Inn on Sunday just gone!

The group were so lovely and I have a feeling they’ll be the start of a fantastic community of gong-spartans, preparing themselves for the week ahead on frequent Sunday nights at The Wonder Inn.

Thank you to all of you who came and entered the sound bath with us! It was also so great to hear people sharing with each other about their experiences afterwards.  A gong bath can create such mysterious and unusual happenings within.  To share them can be a wonderful way to make transparent the uniqueness and connectedness of each person involved.  It’s a little like creating a living, sharing, community exploration of the inner world.  🙂

So once again, thank you.

The next Gong Bath Detox at The Wonder Inn will be very soon so keep your eyes open for updates on this website (or sign up for blog updates and the newsletter) and on the Wonder Inn website.

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