My New Broder Oetken gong is nearly made!

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Thank you so much to Broder and Ines Oetken who have been working on a new gong for me.  It’s an Oetken Sound Creation Earth gong and it’s nearly ready 🙂

Here are some photos, overviewing its progress 🙂

I’m in love…

2015-05-30 07.35.33 pancake 2015-05-30 07.54.11 bendy gong reflection 2015-05-30 07.59.30 window reflection 2015-05-30 08.13.11 multi gong reflection 2015-06-03 17.58.20 shiny flat 2015-06-03 17.59.22 shiny silver 2015-06-03 17.59.31 shinygold

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