Giving To All (with gongs) – A Downloadable Meditation Tape (19 mins)

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“Giving To All” – A downloadable Meditation Tape (with gongs, 19 mins).


“Giving To All” – A downloadable Meditation Tape (with gongs, 19 mins).


It’s good to find a position in which you feel balanced, supported, alert and undisturbed. For you, this may be seated, laying, standing or moving, and you may wish to experiment over time to see which works best for you.  For example, some find it difficult to sit cross-legged without toppling over (not very balanced).  Others find that if they lay down, they start to fall asleep (not very alert).

It is also good to note that it is not essential to have absolute quiet in your surroundings (for example, if you can hear your husband moving around the house, you may find that this is not a problem once you have fully invited life to go ahead and be what it is).

Also, meditation is not a forcing of the mind to be quiet, but rather, a witnessing the nature of mind, allowing it to be what it is, and always coming back home to the silent witness within after each engagement with thought. Meditators do not seek a future in which this process is completed, but rather, they are happy to sit each day enjoying the practice in this moment.

Note: The tapes sometimes refer you to the Subscription Service on the Gong Spa Bandcamp website. The Subscription Service is no longer available – I am in the process of uploading (here) all of the recordings that were made for that service.  Similaraly, if you hear reference to ‘guidance found on the Gong Spa Bandcamp website’ you can consider it exactly the same as the guidance found above.

Thank you, and happy meditating 🙂


Martyn, x