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My new EP, ‘Edge’  is now available!  Recorded in the amazing copper mines at Alderley Edge, the ambience is completely unique and the energy is sublime.

The gongs, made in part of copper themselves, seem to be picking up and expressing the immense history of the mines (they’ve been mined for copper since the Bronze Age).  Alderley Edge is well known for its high energy levels, the ley lines, and its association with magic (see the stories of the White Wizard and the white mare and the work of Alan Garner).  There is a transcendental stillness in the air that can surely only be possible in these dark depths.

Listening to the tracks, I feel as though the gongs are speaking of the slumber of the great giant spirit who is eternally present in the very rock, the minerals and the water of the mines (if you listen closely you can hear the occasional droplet falling from the rock face to the floor of the cavern), and they seem to be singing about a gathering of sorcerers, a unity, a movement.

I was so lucky to record in the mines and owe a debt of gratitude to Dave from the National Trust and to Bill from Derbyshire Caving Club and to Tina for all her support and special energies.  As per the first album, this CD was recorded with Biff from WR Audio.  Big thanks to Biff.

The Edge EP has 49 minutes of original material, in the following format:

Track 1: A Giant’s Slumber (in 3 movements)

  1. 40,000 Winks
  2. Hypnopompic Wavering
  3. Revivification

Track 2: Spirits, Spells and Shadows

Track 3: Elements and Eons

For those who prefer shorter meditations, the end of the CD repeats the first track but split into 3 individual tracks which can be listened to as per the listener’s preference (as such, the CD  is 78 minutes long, but appropriately sold at the price of a 49 minute EP).

To listen to a track for free, use this player.

EdgeOn the player below you can hear the tracks from my first gong album, ‘Gong Spa Experiences’.  You can buy them as digital downloads direct from the player below, or if you would like them on CD, please contact me directly on 🙂

Gong Spa Experiences CD
Gong Spa Experiences

They are best listened to with high quality headphones or speakers.  You can browse through the tracks within the player or click to buy/share.

As you might expect, they tend to start rather quietly, but don’t worry, the sounds are there 🙂

Professionally recorded at WR Audio in November 2015, “Relaxing Gong Bath” is a great way to enjoy the gongs when you just can’t make it to a Gong Spa.

Try listening when you’re:

  • meditating
  • relaxing at the end of a long day
  • settling down for bed
  • taking a bath
  • drawing, painting or working on another creative project

All songs were recorded and engineered by Biff Roxby and Dan Watkins at WR Audio.