Children find the sounds of the gongs fascinating.  They like to ask questions, to point out which one they think looks the most amazing, which one sounds the most amazing…. they like to watch them being played….  to play along using different instruments…..  to act out the sounds as they grow louder and softer.  And after all that, they like to lay down and have a couple of minutes of just listening.  Before the end of the session, they enjoy being under the shaking bamboo leaves to freshen them up, and they finish up by striking one of the gongs themselves.  It makes a lovely to difference to their day, can sometimes quieten even the most lively children, and broadens both their depths of experience and their horizons.

Small groups (up to 15 children at a time) enjoy a 30 minute session so it works well to have a few sessions, one after the other, with different children in each group.

Here are some pictures of a recent school group: