Enhanced evening light

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Gave a gong bath this evening to a couple of great gentlemen.  Really nice to meet them and chat with them.  The gong bath was really buzzing and afterwards, when I went for a walk, the evening was alive and touching me emotionally and directly, and the early evening light was soft and sensual, and there was a rainbow too.  Always a nice touch 😉

Such is life…..

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……no gong today.

New gong….?

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Ooh, something’s waiting for me at the parcel depot…. is it my new gong? Fingers crossed… 😮

Today’s great thing about regularly giving gong baths is……..

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….. you to get to play the gong so much! I looooove playing the gong 🙂

Waiting for delivery…..

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…. of a Paiste M3 mallet…..

come on postie…. 🙂

Miki had a gong bath last night

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Miki had a gong bath last night (that’s quite a few she’s had now).

Afterwards we discussed methods of playing the shaker 🙂

Thanks Miki