Meditation Tapes Subscription

Would you like to go into meditation?

Me too, so blisssful, to be easy with life….

What are meditation tapes?

The Meditation Tapes are there to help guide you into a supported meditative space of loving enquiry.

There will be a 3 or 4 new tapes released every week (on average) so that you can avoid the problem of attention loss through over-familiarity! 🙂

For £4 a month you can enjoy all the Meditation Tapes I make, week by week (and all other new releases including new Gong Spa albums, and more….). Oh and you can cancel any time. 🙂

What’s on the tapes?

On the recordings, I will be speaking into a microphone. I’ll be being what I am. I will be doing what I can to mirror our meditative being. I’ll be there as your friend and your fellow explorer (though I will be doing most of the talking). I will mention some illustrative things from time to time, like how it’s fun to love your thoughts….. and I might even be quiet from time to time so we can see what happens all by itself.

What will I be doing?

You’ll be allowing, listening, feeling, observing, witnessing, being, forgetting and remembering, and perhaps even having a little giggle.

When you listen to the tapes, you can choose to simply hear my voice and the space I’m recording in, or you can choose the recording that includes a backdrop of gong sounds too.

I am full of the joy of life and laugh at many things including myself (I don’t claim to know everything and am just the same as the rest of us). These meditations will span from reverence to irreverance as reflecting our day to day experience. They are a loving enquiry into the self.

I have avoided sterile recording environments; the sounds of life are part of meditation. As such you will sometimes hear background sounds such as birds singing or kids playing in the street! All is good. After all, meditation is not a concentrated space in which things have to be perfect. Rather it is an openness that embraces everything that is.

Your support is hugely appreciated 🙂