My Gong Room (at home in M16) is designed and dedicated to giving Gong Spas and has everything it needs including a wide variety of instruments and comfortable places to lay down or sit.  Oh and my family are well trained in being super-quiet for your benefit 🙂

I can also bring everything I need for a gong bath to your home too.

The best way to prepare for a gong bath is to drink plenty of water, wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, and avoid arriving after a heavy meal or alcohol.

Laying on a comfortable treatment bed or on the floor is ideal for a gong bath, but if you would prefer, a sitting position is perfectly suitable.

Private sessions in my gong room last an hour and a half.  For one person, the cost is £45. If it’s a two person session, the cost is £65.

For more information, contact Martyn on 07850 955810 or email



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